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Amelia is a disability advocate and writer. Since graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in social work, Amelia has had a very strong passion of advocating for individuals with disabilities through writing and through providing speaking engagements on topics such as bullying and disabilities, the importance of inclusion, and simply to provide a voice for individuals with disabilities.

In society, the topic of disabilities is not frequently discussed with ease, and it is Amelia’s mission to change that. She hopes that by sharing her experiences of living with a disability, she can help to break down barriers that individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis in areas such as education, employment, transportation, healthcare, housing, and awareness. Our world was not made with individuals with disabilities in mind. From day one, individuals with disabilities have had to adapt, forge their own path, and find their voice in a world that constantly tries to tear them down. It took Amelia a long time to find her voice as a disability advocate, but one thing is for sure: She will not be silenced. She will speak up for the kind of life she deserves, and the kind of life she wants all everyone in the disability community (past, present, and future) to experience.


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  1. Amelia, I love your name it was my grandmothers name. Love it!! I want to tell you that you are just beautiful. I mean that. Gorgeous!. I have a grandaughter with CP. She has a lite case, but I need help desperately. Can you answer some questions for me or give me someone who can.. WE live right outside of Dallas, TX and have never been able to get any and I mean any help from anyone. We are out of our minds. My grandaughter is 7 and very intelligent but recently has started some things, we dont know what to do about. My daughter is in tears everyday. If you could call me or have someone else call me, I would appreciate it so much. We are desperate. Thank you Becky

  2. Hi, I love your blog. I can use some advice. My 8 yr. old granddaughter has CP. Mainly affecting her legs. Lately when we are playing, she reminds me to tell her imaginary friends she is in a wheelchair. She has also asked me on occasion if she will be in a wheelchair forever, I have been honest and told her she probably would but that would not define who she is, only a part of her. I try not to minimize it but I also don’t want to make it her focus. This is new to me and her parents are wonderful but they have not gotten these questions yet. I feel at 8yrs. old, she questions me in order to protect them. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

    • Kathlee, I think your response was wonderful. My biggest piece of advice is allow your granddaughter to take the lead. If she feels comfortable asking questions, be there to listen. And remember, it’s okay to say, “I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out together.”

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